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If you or a loved one were hurt in a car accident, you may be wondering if you are eligible to file a lawsuit. If you’ve sustained serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence,  you likely are eligible to pursue legal action against the party whose negligence caused you harm.the scales of justice in arborlea

Negligence can occur in many ways. Examples of negligence include another driver who is distracted behind the wheel or intoxicated, an auto parts manufacturer who allows a defective part to be used on a vehicle or an auto body shop who failed to correct a potentially dangerous issue with a car. In some cases, a lawsuit can be filed against multiple negligent parties.

The legal process is complicated and it takes time to collect the evidence that is needed to support the claim. Our experienced lawyers know were to find that evidence and we use it, along with the testimony from medical experts and witnesses to build a strong case.

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Getting hurt on the job is a shocking experience and a serious injury can not only prevent an employee from returning to work but it can also change their overall quality of life.

Workers’ compensation insurance was created so that injured employees wouldn’t have to worry about paying their medical bills while they heal. The insurance is called “no-fault” which means that even if the employee did something to cause the accident which resulted in their injury, they are still covered under the policy. But insurance companies are more concerned with making money than paying claims and so adjusters are trained to deny claims for any small mistake. Once a denial has been issued, an appeal can be filed, however, the appeals process is difficult and time-consuming.

If you’ve recently been hurt on the job and are filing your initial application, or if you have been given a denial and are starting the appeals process, contact our law firm. We can guide you through the claim process, handle the paperwork, collect the required evidence, and answer all of your questions. In addition to this, we can review your accident and determine if you are eligible for a personal injury lawsuit which may provide you with additional compensation.

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construction in arborlea paConstruction workers help to build communities from the ground up, but often, these workers are undervalued and put into dangerous situations without the proper safety gear or support. In fact, most accidents on a construction site could have been prevented if the responsible party had taken the correct steps to keep employees safe.

Our law firm is proud to support construction workers in their time of need. We can help with workers’ comp claims and personal injury lawsuits, both of which can provide a client with the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses and lost wages – both past and expected future. You have enough on your plate – let our experienced legal team shoulder this burden for you so that you can focus on resting and healing.

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