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Most people pass by construction workers every single day and the dangerous work conditions that these hardworking men and women spend their time in doesn’t even register. In fact, when surrounded by dangerous conditions every day, sometimes the workers themselves forget the hazards of working in their industry. But that doesn’t mean that accidents won’t tools in Aston

Common construction accidents include:

  • heavy machinery accidents
  • scaffolding accidents
  • trauma from falling objects
  • slip and falls
  • electrocutions

The injuries that can be sustained during one of these accidents can completely disrupt a life, keeping the injured worker from their career and the activities they previously enjoyed.

Workers’ compensation can help to pay for some of the medical bills and lost wages, however, not all claims are approved and the appeals process is difficult and time-consuming. Working with an attorney is the best way to make sure a claim is approved and an attorney can also identify is the employee is eligible to file a construction accident lawsuit against a third-party whose negligence caused an accident.

To learn more about how our law firm can help after a construction accident, contact us today.

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If you or a loved one were in a car accident and seriously hurt, let our experienced attorneys help guide you through the process of filing a car accident lawsuit.

When someone is hurt or died in a car accident, the law allows the victims or their loved ones to take legal action. By filing a lawsuit, the plaintiffs may be able to recover compensation for:

  • medical records
  • lost earnings
  • physical suffering
  • emotional trauma
  • funeral and burial expenses
  • lost inheritance

Our law firm has helped hundreds of clients get what they need and we can help you. Not only will we handle the paperwork, but we also consult with medical and accident experts, collect evidence, and interview witnesses all to make sure our client’s case is a strong one. We also make sure that our client feels completely informed throughout the entire process by answering all of their questions.

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medical professionalIt’s terrifying when a patient finds out that the person they have trusted to take care of them has made a mistake. Those who are lucky aren’t impacted by a medical mistake but many aren’t so lucky and their health can deteriorate quickly. In the worst instances, the patient dies from lack of proper care.

Medical malpractice happens every day, putting people’s lives on the line and the medical professionals responsible should be held legally responsible for the damage they have caused. That’s why our law firm is proud to represent the victims of medical malpractice.

When you work with our law firm you can be sure that all of your legal options will be completely explained to you. Then our experienced attorneys will guide you through the legal process, handling the paperwork, interviewing witnesses, and collecting medical records. Proving that negligence occurred can be difficult but we know where to look and who to consult with.

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