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Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing for a human to go through, but the experience can be made much worse when that loved one’s life ends unexpectedly and their death has been caused by the negligence of another who has lost a loved one

Negligence an occur in many ways. For example, if a car driver causes an accident because they were texting and not looking at the road, they are considered negligence and at-fault for the accident. Or, if a doctor fails to diagnose cancer in a patient, they may be considered negligent.

Whatever the circumstances, when a life is lost due to negligence, the law allows the surviving loved ones of the deceased to fight for justice and and for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. Typically, those who are allowed to file are the spouses, children, and parents of the deceased. In some instances, if another person was dependent on the deceased, they too can file a legal claim.

Compensation obtained through a lawsuit may cover losses such as:

  • the loss of inheritence
  • the loss of companionship
  • the loss of income
  • parental guidence
  • funeral and burial expenses

The outcome and total amount either obtained through a settlement or awarded at trial will differ from client to client since no one sustains the same losses.

Our experienced legal team understands how painful this time is and we do everything we can to ensure you get what you need. Call our conveniently located office in Jenkintown now.

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Have you discovered that a doctor or other medical professional made a decision that caused you serious harm? While it may feel like you are completely alone, you aren’t. Each year, thousands of medical malpractice lawsuits are filed against medical professionals who have caused their patient harm.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • the failure to diagnose
  • misdiagnosis
  • surgical error
  • birth injury
  • prescription mistake

However the harm is caused, patients usually end up suffering because their disease is allowed to progress unchecked or they require medical treatments that they otherwise wouldn’t have needed. That’s why the law allows lawsuits to be filed, so that the plaintiffs have the opportunity to obtain compensation for their losses.

Our law firm has been handling med mal cases for years and we know what is needed to prove our client’s case in court. Let us handle your paperwork, consult with medical experts, and prepare you for trial.

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Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident? You already know how stressful this can be and you’ve likely found our law firm’s website because you have sustained a serious injury and are now concerned with how to pay for your medical expenses. You’ve come to the right place.

For decades, our lawyers have been helping car accident victims get the compensation that they need to pay for:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • physical pain
  • emotional trauma

The total amount that can be obtained varies from case to case but you can rest easy knowing that we will do everything in our power to get the maximum compensation possible.