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Important Jack3d Warnings

Dietary supplements like Jack3d are not considered food or prescription drugs or over the counter medications and therefore, not monitored closely.

If a dietary supplement is not monitored and sold in vitamin stores, does that mean it is automatically safe and free of warnings?

Jack3d was not safe for two U.S. soldiers who collapsed, lost consciousness, and died after their workout on domestic soil. Both soldiers’ deaths are linked to DMAA stimulant in their bodies. DMAA is an active ingredient in Jack3d.

If the marketing claims sound too good to be true, go into suspicious mode. With the current lack of FDA oversight for body building/weight loss supplements, Jack3d warnings will go by the roadside.

More Jack3d warnings:

  • Take the product as recommended; do not overdose.
  • Start off slowly and build up.
  • Do not take six hours before bedtime or you will never be able to fall asleep.
  • Drink plenty of water because stimulants cause dehydration.
  • Jack3d may be addictive.
  • May experience tingling after taking the product
  • A tolerance may be built up but do not take more than directed.

The active ingredient DMAA or dimethylamylamine is considered as a stimulant or party pills in other parts of the world. Also the World Anti Doping Agency does not permit Olympic athletes to use dietary supplements with DMAA.

The safety and efficacy of DMAA and products like Jack3d have not been established. Why risk it?

If you or a family member were not aware of the Jack3d warnings and have been seriously harmed from this product or any supplement with DMAA – please contact Monheit Law to find out what your legal options are.

Jack3d Overdose – Is that the Danger

Recently, the U.S. Army halted sales of Jack3d on U.S. army bases.


Jack3d questions were raised after two servicemen died from heart attacks during fitness exercises after having taken a dietary supplement containing DMAA. DMAA is one of the primary ingredients in Jack3d. While there are safety concerns, no evidence has been released that suggests that a Jack3d overdose is to blame for the deaths.

The manufacturers of Jack3d continue to maintain the DMAA supplement is safe when taken according to the product directions. Would you feel comfortable taking Jack3d? Do you think additional Jack3d warnings are necessary in this country?

Has a family member been harmed by taking OxyElite Pro dietary supplements? If the answer is yes – then contact us about a possible unsafe Jack3d lawsuit.