Were you or a loved one injured on the job by falling tools or debris? You may have many questions, such as:

  • Could this accident have been prevented?
  • What if Workers' Compensation isn't enough?
  • Do I have a case for a lawsuit?

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The construction industry has some of the most dangerous working conditions in America. Brave construction workers regularly work in hazardous environments and are exposed to a variety of possible dangers. Among these dangers is the risk of being struck by falling objects or debris.

Have you or a loved one recently been injured or killed by falling objects at a construction site? Pennsylvania's Workers Compensation Law prohibits employees from suing their employers for damages, but you may have other options. Many of these job sites employ workers from a variety of sources. If a negligent third party caused your accident, they may be held liable for damages. At Monheit Law, our attorneys have experience recovering the damages that injured workers and grieving families deserve.

Common Injuries

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured by a falling object at a construction site? Common injuries sustained from falling objects include:

  • Head injuries - Impacts to the head cause some of the worst injuries and are often fatal. Concussions, fractures, and puncture wounds are all common results.
  • Traumatic brain injuries - Falling objects can cause serious brain trauma. Symptoms range from temporary cognitive impairment to severe bruising, bleeding, and permanent brain damage.
  • Lacerations - Falling objects often break open large sections of skin upon impact. These lacerations often leave permanent scars.
  • Hearing & vision loss - If the object lands in a victim's eyes or ears, they may suffer reduced hearing and vision or even permanent hearing or vision loss.


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When an innocent victim is a struck by a falling object, these injuries can result in high medical bills, lost wages, inability to return to work, and extensive pain and suffering. Tragically, most of these accidents could have easily been avoided with a more thorough application of safety standards.

Falling objects and debris can cause major damage to anyone working below. Even a small object dropped from a high elevation can become lethal as it accelerates downward. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends several guidelines for preventing falling objects:

  • Hard hats - Hard hats should always be worn, especially by ground-level workers when overhead work is going on.
  • Secure tools - All tools and materials should be properly secured to prevent them from falling.
  • Toe boards and guardrails - These should be used on scaffolds.
  • Debris nets and catch platforms - These can be used to catch falling objects before they do any damage.
  • Face protection - Goggles, glasses, and shields should be used to protect the eyes and face. Flying particles can obstruct vision, causing the worker to drop a tool.
  • Inspect tools - Tools should be inspected prior to each use to ensure that guards are in place and that everything is in working condition.

In a perfect world, every worker would abide by these rules on a consistent basis. But as we know, there will always be people looking to cut corners or who simply forget to follow safety standards. Unfortunately, innocent people often suffer as a result of such recklessness. If an independent contractor or subcontractor is at fault for an injury or death sustained by a falling object, our personal injury lawyers are prepared to hold them accountable for damages.

Justice For Victims and Families

On-site workers aren't the only ones at risk of falling objects. In 2014, a Jersey City man was delivering sheet rock to a downtown construction site. When he stepped out of his vehicle, a worker 50 stories above accidentally dropped a 1-pound tape measure from his toolbelt. The tape measure struck the delivery man, who was not wearing a hard hat, in the head. He was rushed to the hospital and ended up dying from the impact.

Freak accidents like these leave grieving families feeling helpless, angry, and confused. What could have been done to prevent such a tragic accident? And what can be done now to help these grieving families move on as much as they possibly can?

Whether you're a victim yourself, or a family member looking to hold negligent parties responsible, a legal team with experience fighting for worker's rights can help. These cases are complex, and there are various legal statutes and circumstances to consider when determining the viability of a lawsuit. We understand that during this extremely difficult time, it's hard to do more than simply grieve. The attorneys at Monheit Law are determined to work towards holding negligent parties liable for the pain they've caused, while you and your family do what you can to recover from the fallout of the accident.

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