Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident with a distracted driver? You may be worried about several concerns:

  • How long will it take to recover from my injuries?
  • Is the other driver liable for my medical expenses?
  • Can I receive compensation for lost wages?
  • Is distracted driving illegal?

We have years of experience representing the victims of distracted drivers. We can help you earn the financial compensation you need for a full recovery.

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A distracted driver poses a threat to every other motorist he encounters while distracted. You would think that most people would understand the dangers associated with this common bad habit. When we’re on the road, we’re traveling at high speeds in a vehicle which weighs thousands of pounds, and constantly in proximity to other fast moving, heavy vehicles. The slightest lapse in focus can lead to a serious accident, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

What Do We Mean By Distracted?mercedes distracted driver

Distracted driving takes many shapes and forms. If a distracted driver causes an accident because of their inattention, they may be held financially responsible for any noneconomic expenses which aren’t covered by the other party’s insurance plan.

Cell Phone Use

In 2017, cell phones are a ubiquitous part of American life. Just about everyone has a cell phone these days, and many of us regularly use them while driving.

While the dangers of texting or using social media apps while driving may seem obvious, any cell phone use can qualify as a distraction.

Even hands-free cell phone use is dangerous since the driver is primarily focused on the conversation instead of on the road and other drivers.


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Eating and Drinking

Any action which requires you to take one or both of your hands off the wheel qualifies as distracted driving. Those who eat or drink behind the wheel are more likely to cause an accident. Driving with one hand while eating gives you less control of your vehicle and makes it more difficult to react quickly and avoid accidents.

If you’re focused on eating, you’re by nature not fully focused on the road in front of you - which puts you and all other motorists in danger. Furthermore, a spill will make you even more distracted and increase the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle.


Various grooming practices also qualify as distracted driving. Examples include applying eyeliner or combing hair. Like the previously mentioned examples, grooming behind the wheel siphons your attention away from the road and greatly increases the risk of causing an accident.


Many drivers have a bad habit of looking down at their GPS navigation while driving. This is just as dangerous as texting or using social media. While you may only be glancing away from the road for a few seconds, this is all it takes to cause a serious accident.

common forms of distracted driving

Justice for Victimsjustice for victims

Distracted drivers account for roughly 1 in 4 car accidents in America today - or approximately 1.6 million accidents per year. In 2014, distracted drivers accounted for over 3,000 deaths and 430,000 injuries in car accidents. This is the greatest tragedy of distracted drivers - their poor judgment endangers every motorist they come across.

The victims of distracted drivers deserve to move on with their lives as soon possible. However, those who have endured an accident caused by a distracted driver may face several hardships, including:

Medical Expenses

For many people, their physical and emotional trauma extends far beyond the accident itself. Many victims suffer serious long term injuries as a result of the negligence of distracted drivers. Treatment for these injuries is often financially unsustainable without further compensation.

Lost Wages

Car accident injuries may also affect the victim’s career. Those who have been seriously injured may be unable to return to work for an extended period, and some may have to even make a career change because of a permanent disability acquired during the crash.

Quality of Life

Victims who have been permanently injured in an accident may never return to their former quality of life. They may not be able to return to the workplace or engage in recreational activities they previously enjoyed.

Wrongful Death

The families of accident victims will likely grieve in one form or another for the rest of their lives. While there is no way to heal this emotional pain, financial compensation can help reduce the stress of paying for the deceased’s medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and the loss of material support for family and surviving children.

If you’ve recently been in an accident with a distracted driver and have consequently suffered from any of these tribulations, you may have a case for a lawsuit. With the complicated nature of PA insurance laws, you may not be sure if your situation qualifies. We recommend gathering as many relevant documents as you can find, including medical records and your insurance policy documents, before contacting a lawyer. This way, your attorney will have the information he or she needs to begin building your case.

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