Have you or a loved one recently been injured in a sideswipe accident? You may be concerned about:

  • How will we pay for medical expenses?
  • How will I support myself?
  • Do I have a case for a lawsuit?
  • What kind of damages could I recover?

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Side collisions are accidents which cause damage to the side of one or more of the vehicles involved. Sideswipe accidents can happen when one driver drifts into another driver’s lane, creating contact between the sides of both cars. T-bone accidents also fall under this category, when one vehicle strikes the side of another head-on.

Sideswipes can often create larger accidents, when one or more of the vehicles involved loses control and collides with other vehicles, is run off the road, or crashes into a median. Such accidents may result in serious injuries or fatalities for multiple motorists.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a sideswipe, we understand the difficulties you may be facing. We're here to help you with what to do next.

How Do I Know Who’s At Fault?

Sometimes it may be unclear who was at fault for a sideswipe accident. Witness testimonies often help investigators get a clearer picture of who caused the accident. As with any car accident, make sure to gather contact information from witnesses if you’ve been sideswiped by another driver.

Accident scene investigators will also analyze evidence, such as the damage to both cars, tire tracks, and security tapes in order to determine the cause of the accident. A good lawyer will work with these investigators to gather all the necessary evidence for your case. This is the most proven method for earning the compensation injury victims deserve.

We recommend gathering related documents, such as police reports, medical records, and witness info before meeting with an attorney.


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Common Causes

Like most car accidents, the majority of sideswipes result from the poor choices of one of the drivers. Such drivers are either driving irresponsibly or behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be.

Distracted Driving

In the five seconds that it takes to send a text message or check Facebook, a motorist can easily drift into another lane. If another driver happens to be in the lane at this time, a serious sideswipe accident could occur. By the time the first driver notices the mistake, it could be too late to prevent the crash.

Drowsy Driving

Driving while fatigued creates a litany of dangers for all other motorists. Drowsy drivers have slower reaction times, decreased focus, and are at a high risk of falling asleep at the wheel. These traits all greatly increase the likelihood of an accident. Studies have shown that drowsy driving is equally dangerous to drunk driving.

Drunk Drivingsideswipe red car

Just about everyone is aware of the dangers of drunk driving, but millions of people still take the risk each year. A drunk driver has an impaired reaction time, focus, judgment, and muscle movements - all of which impede the ability to drive safely. Intoxicated drivers are much more likely to temporarily lose control of their car, or simply drift into another lane by not paying attention to the road.

Drivers who engage in these irresponsible behaviors make our roads more dangerous for everyone. Victims on the receiving end may suffer from a wide range of consequences as a result of such recklessness.

Common Injuries

Victims of sideswipes may suffer from a variety of injuries, ranging from mild to life-threatening.

Disc Injuries

Many sideswipe victims suffer from disc injuries like bulging discs, herniated discs, and nerve compression. Symptoms of disc injuries include neck pain, headaches, heaviness and pain in limbs, tingling and numbness, nausea, back pain, and more. Treatment may involve physical therapy, medication, and surgery for extreme cases.

Brain and Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries often occur when an accident causes a direct strike to the head, or when the sudden force of the accident causes the brain to collide with the interior of the skull. Sufferers of TBI may experience impairments to their cognitive abilities, language function, emotional control, and sensations.

Neck and Back Injuries

Some sideswipe victims experience neck and back injuries, many of which may resemble symptoms of whiplash. Broken bones in the neck and back are also possible, depending on the severity of the impact.

When Is Civil Recourse Necessary?

Accident victims often face a recovery process which taxes them physically, emotionally, and financially. While many drivers will have their initial medical expenses covered by insurance, those who require prolonged medical care may eventually reach their insurance cap. When this happens, it may be necessary to pursue further financial compensation from the at-fault party.

If you find yourself in this situation, we would suggest finding a reliable car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you deal with insurance companies, gather the necessary documents, and present a strong case for compensation in civil court.

Before meeting with a lawyer, we recommend gathering as many important documents as you can. These include police reports, medical records, witness contact information, and the insurance information from all involved drivers.

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