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Under the law, if a visitor to a property is harmed by a hazard that the property owner or manager knew about or should have known about, they may be eligible to pursue a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation for their losses and this is exactly what thousands of slip and fall victims do every year.

Hazards that often cause slip and fall accidents include:broken path that is a liability

  • poorly secured carpet
  • broken steps
  • poor lighting
  • unsecured wires
  • broken handrails
  • cracked sidewalks
  • potholes

However, just because a hazard exists doesn’t mean that the person responsible for maintaining the area should have known about it. This is because the law must consider what is reasonable in each case since no two properties are alike. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced attorney who can prove that the hazard should have been discovered in a timely manner and addressed.

At Monheit Law, we have helped numerous slip and fall plaintiffs pursue legal action and obtain full compensation for all of their losses, including medical bills, lost earnings, and physical trauma. To learn more about how we guide our clients through the legal process, contact us now.

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When poor safety standards or a defective product causes an accident on a construction site, those hurt typically sustain more than a bruise or a small cut. Serious injuries that are often sustained include:

  • electrocutions
  • amputations
  • crush injuries
  • brain trauma
  • spinal damage
  • deep lacerations
  • burns

Although workers’ compensation can be claimed, it rarely covers all of the losses sustained by a construction accident victim which is why so many employees also choose to file a lawsuit. Although it may take time to obtain a verdict or award, full compensation can be obtained.

When a client comes to us, we fully explain what they can expect during the process of filing a lawsuit, assist with all of the necessary paperwork, collect evidence, and build a case. Our goal is to make sure every client is satisfied with their cases outcome and we believe that a good relationship begins with good communication. We strive to return all client calls the same day and are happy to communicate via email.

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Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a car accident? Have the insurance companies stopped paying for your medical treatments? You aren’t alone.

Every year millions of drivers and passengers are hit by drivers who were negligent because they were driving while:

  • drunk
  • distracted
  • texting
  • talking on the phone
  • physically exhausted

In many of these cases, in order to obtain the full medical care that they need both now and in the future, these men, women, and children had to file a lawsuit. An experienced lawyer can help obtain the evidence that is needed to prove their case, including accident reports, insurance paperwork, surveillance video, and witness statements.

Our law firm’s goal is to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and supported. We always want to provide excellent communication and are happy to answer any questions at any point during the litigation.

The majority of these cases are settled out of court through careful negotiation, however, taking the case to court may be required. This is not an experience that any client should be afraid of and we work to make sure our clients know what to expect before setting foot in a courtroom.

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