Workers Compensation

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Too many times, people come to us only after it’s too late. Their case is over and they’re not happy with the outcome. This is bitterly frustrating and disappointing for them, but there’s nothing more we can do.

We have written these pages because we want people to understand what’s at stake from the very beginning so they can choose the law firm that’s right for them, whether it’s Monheit Law, our workers compensation partners at Shor, Levin & DeRita, or someone else.


What should an injured person do first?
Absolutely first you need a proper and thorough medical examination. If you’re injured at work, you are required by law to go to your employer’s designated doctor.

How is the value of my claim determined?
The value of your disability must be independently judged, however. We always coach our clients to carefully note all their symptoms and all the ways they are physically affected by their injury so that the doctor, from the first moment, correctly notes it.

How important is your reputation with the insurance companies?
Let us put it to you this way: If you’ve beaten an insurer in court several times, they won’t pretend they can beat you. And, they won’t make a lowball offer either. Once you have established your ability to win the big cases, the insurance companies talk turkey a lot faster.

How can an injured person know if they’ve met the right lawyer for them?
An injured worker is vulnerable. They are usually in a lot of pain and are worried about their finances and their future. The tendency is to just pick the first lawyer they talk to and get it over with. We strongly urge an injured person to carefully consider who they allow to represent them.

One thing to look for is chemistry. Do you like and respect this person?
At least equally important is asking a few important questions.

  • The first question is: Have you handled a case like this before? In other words, is the lawyer experienced in these matters?
  • The second question is: Are you able to take this to trial, or would you have to br ing in another lawyer if it came to that? This is so important. The insurance companies know the track record of all the lawyers. They are going to play games if they know your lawyer does not have the ability to win before a jury.
  • The third question is: Can I talk to others you have worked with? This is a fair question. Talk to a few of their clients and you’ll get a good feel for what you can expect.

Why should I give you a percentage of my money if you win this for me?
This is reasonable to ask. The thing the injured person must realize is that they have no standing with the insurance companies. If you don’t have the ability to go to court and present your case before a jury, your credibility is weak to non-existent. That may be harsh, but it’s the current reality in America. A good lawyer will likely get you a multiple of the offer you would get by yourself. So the real answer is that a good lawyer will get you a lot more than you could ever get, so you are paying them from the extra funds they bring to you.

How do I know you won’t take my case and then put it on the back burner?
To really know the answer you have to talk to our people. Listen to how our receptionist answers the phone. Come in and meet our staff and lawyers . Then you’ll get a clear sense of what our commitment is.

How do I pick the right lawyer?
We may or may not be the right lawyer for you but we will be happy to steer you in the right direction—with no obligation.

Do you turn down a lot of cases?
We sure do. Many people shop for a law firm to take on a frivolous case. We don’t take those cases. There are cases with the potential for huge settlements that we don’t take and fairly modest cases we do take. You can reach us at 1-800- 681-7000

About Our Partners at SLD

…and The Four Commitments We Make to Our Clients

Monheit Law is pleased to be working with Larry Levin, Esq. and the firm of Shor Levin on workers compensation matters. Together, let us help you.

The Real Lowdown:
There are Four Commitments We Make to Our Clients:

  1. Honesty and plain talk. If we don’t think we can provide significant value, we won’t take your case. We level with every person who is seeking representation. We’re not interested in signing up people whose case will not be an absolute front burner priority.
    2. Fast Action. It is critically important that momentum is established right away. We will position your case immediately to the insurance company. By aggressively pursuing your case, we are going to be in the best chance to obtain a full and fair recovery in the least amount of time.
    3. Stay in Touch. You have the right to know what’s happening every step of the way. Insurance companies will create delays in the hopes of getting you to agree to a smaller settlement. We know you want to be kept in the loop and so we make ourselves accessible to you. We are not averse to calling you and giving you an update.
    4. Keep the heat on the insurance company. There is not a week goes by that your file isn’t front and center. We are constantly balancing our client’s need for a full and fair settlement with the practical requirement that the case is settled quickly. The only way to achieve that is to keep the insurance company’s feet to the fire.

About our partners at Shor Levin & Derita

For the past 23 years, SLD has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to “the little guy”. Their passion for helping those in need continues to grow today. They know how difficult it can be to deal with the bureaucracy of insurance companies. Big insurance companies don’t want you to know your rights. Many employers and even union brass don’t want you to know your rights. Insurance companies routinely-by policy-deny your claims, minimize your claims, try to confuse you, and try to intimidate you. Even the lawyers who represent the injured sometimes sacrifice your long term benefit for their short term gain.

About the Bulldog Lawyer — Larry Levin, Esq.

“Many years ago, as a young lawyer, I worked for an insurance company for a brief time. I was instructed by my supervisors on several occasions to recommend settlements to injured workers that were not in their best interests. I guess I was naive, but frankly I was shocked at the callousness of these company executives. That situation was a real eye opener for me. So I refused to make those kinds of recommendations, and I vowed from that day forward to work for workers to make sure that employers and insurers would be held accountable.”

    – Larry Levin. (For more information visit