If you or a loved one has been paralyzed in a workplace accident, you may be struggling with several questions:

  • What benefits do I qualify for?
  • How can I make sure I get the full coverage I need?
  • Can a lawyer help me get full benefits?

Our work injury lawyers are here to guide your family during this difficult time.

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Our experienced work injury lawyers can help paralyzed workers earn full benefits.

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There's no way to prepare yourself for a paralyzing work injury. No one wakes up for work in the morning expecting their entire way of life to change in a tragic accident. Victims of paralyzing injuries may be unable to work again and require extensive medical care, including modifications to their homes and vehicles. The costs of these lifestyle changes add up quickly and require financial assistance.

While learning to adapt to life with paralysis can be extremely difficult, Workers' Comp benefits are available to provide the compensation paralyzed workers need and deserve for a lifetime of medical care. However, many workers in this situation are unaware of how to recover the full compensation they're entitled to.

Benefits Available For Work-Related Paralysis

If you or a loved is paralyzed after a workplace injury, you may be feeling uncertain about the future. It's important to be aware of which benefits you qualify for so that you can receive the care you need. These injuries qualify for the following benefits:

  • Coverage for lost wages and medical expenses
  • Specific loss benefits
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Temporary total disability
  • Social Security disability

In order to determine which benefits package you qualify for, it's often necessary to speak with an experienced work injury lawyer. Insurance companies may offer you an amount far below what you deserve, but a lawyer can help you earn the full compensation you're entitled to.


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Common Paralyzing Accidentscaregiver pushing a wheelchair for patient

Most paralyzing injuries involve damage to the nervous system through trauma to the head or spinal cord. This can happen in a variety of serious job-related accidents, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents - According to the Mayo Clinic, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Each year, these crashes are responsible for over 35% of spinal cord injuries, often leading to various forms of paralysis.
  • Falls - Falls account for over 25% of spinal cord injuries. Fall accidents may involve slips or trips and falls due to unsafe walking conditions, and also falls from heights, such as a construction worker falling from an unstable ladder.
  • Blows to the head - If your head is impacted by a direct blow, a traumatic brain injury could occur, often resulting in impaired nerve system function and paralysis. Car crashes, falls, and impacts from falling objects or heavy machinery could also lead to paralyzing TBI's if you experience head trauma.

Regardless of how your accident occurred, you are entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits through Pennsylvania's no-fault system. This means that workers receive guaranteed coverage, and employers are protected from lawsuits in most cases.

When Is A Lawsuit An Option?

Paralyzed workers have the option to file personal injury claims if a negligent third party directly caused their injuries. A third party can be anyone other than a co-worker or your employer. These claims are common for injured construction workers since construction job-sites are usually made up of a variety of parties.

For example, let's say you were working as an independent contractor on a construction site and another subcontractor dropped a tool which hit you in the head and caused a paralyzing TBI. You may have the option to sue for negligence and recover additional compensation for such damages as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Full compensation for lost wages (WC only pays about 2/3 of your wages)
  • Loss of future earning potential

Other examples of negligent third parties include construction site managers who broke safety rules (e.g. didn't provide proper fall protection), negligent drivers who caused an auto accident, or the manufacturer of a defective product which lead to an injury.

How A Lawyer Can Help You Earn Full Compensation

Personal injury claims for work injuries are complex and your eligibility depends on your specific work situation. It's necessary to have an experienced work injury lawyer evaluate your case in order to determine if you have a viable claim. At Monheit Law, we have experienced lawyers who specialize in both work injury and personal injury claims who can help you uncover all possible avenues to full compensation.

For benefits like Workers' Comp and Social Security, the insurance company is less likely to make a lowball offer if you have a lawyer by your side. Our dedicated lawyers have the track record to command respect from these companies and receive appropriate compensation with few roadblocks. Paralyzed workers deserve to receive full compensation in a timely manner so they can keep up with bills and begin receiving the care they need.

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