Are you missing time from work after getting hurt on the job? You may have such concerns as:

  • How do I file a claim for Worker's Comp?
  • What does Workers' Comp cover?
  • Are there other ways to be financially compensated?
  • Will I need a lawyer for all of this?

We know what it takes to help injured workers receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

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Our experienced work injury lawyers have helped injured workers in all industries get the financial compensation they needed.

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At Monheit Law, we understand how stressful a work injury can be. When an injury is serious enough to keep you from working for an extended period, it's easy to worry about how you'll keep up with your normal expenses in addition to new medical bills. That's why we're proud to help workers throughout all types of industries recover the compensation they need in order to stay afloat until they can return to work or provide for their families when they can't.

The Costs Of Serious Work Injuriesxray of foot with screws

When you get injured while at work and can't return to your job for an extended period, there are a variety of negative consequences. Injury treatment requires expensive medical care and time. Workers who have families to support face especially difficult roads to recovery. They may be away from work, but the bills are still coming in. Their kids still need food, clothing, and recreation.

Injured workers also may not be able to enjoy life the way they did before the injury. They may no longer be able to enjoy activities which used to help them wind down at the end of a tough week, such as golfing or playing catch with their kids.

Even with the financial means to easily afford treatment, recovering from an injury is a stressful and painful experience. At the very least, injured workers should rest assured that they will have coverage for their monetary costs during recovery. That's why our lawyers are so passionate about helping people get the financial assistance they need after getting hurt on the job.


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Occupations We Frequently Represent

Our dedicated work injury lawyers have helped all types of workers earn the compensation they deserve after an injury. Fields in which we frequently see claims include:

Don't worry if you don't see your job on this list. We have a deep understanding of how the Workers' Comp system works and how to successfully receive the compensation injured workers deserve after an injury. We're prepared to analyze the details of your injury and draw up a gameplan for taking on employers and insurance companies who may look to deny your claim.

The Function Of Workers' Compcloseup of elbow with road rash

Workers' Compensation is a form of no-fault insurance which is designed to simplify compensation for work injuries. Virtually all Pennsylvania workers are covered. Exceptions include temporary agricultural laborers and workers in certain industries which have their own systems, such as longshoremen under the Jones Act.

Since WC is no-fault, that means it doesn't matter how you got injured while at work. Unless you intentionally hurt yourself, you are entitled to file a claim and your employer is protected from lawsuits by injured employees. A successful claim will provide you with full coverage for your medical expenses and reimbursement for about 2/3 of your lost wages.

How Can A Lawyer Help Win A Claim?

Many workers struggle to receive the compensation they deserve. Because the system is so complex, injured workers run into complications or get confused and give up altogether. Most people don't have the time to learn the inner workings of this system before they get injured. So when an unexpected injury does happen, they're left feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Workers can also face resistance from powerful insurance companies that make their profits by paying out as little as possible. When you file a claim, it's very likely that your employer and his or her insurance carrier will look for ways to deny your claim. This is why it's often necessary to have your own legal representation.

Our aggressive work injury lawyers can assist you with all aspects of the Workers' Comp process, including:

  • Gathering necessary evidence and documents
  • Filing paperwork before deadlines
  • Filing a successful appeal after a denied claim
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Representing you in hearings and trials
  • Seeking out additional forms of compensation (e.g. personal injury claims, Social Security Disability)

We'll happily discuss your case in a free initial consultation, and will only require payment if we win.

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