If you've suffered an eye injury at work, you may be wondering what to do next:

  • Should I file a claim for Workers' Comp?
  • What if my injury is permanently disabling?
  • Do I have the option to file a lawsuit?
  • How can a lawyer help me recover compensation?

We're prepared to help you get the financial assistance you need to recover from an eye injury.

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Workplace eye injuries require financial compensation for recovery expenses.

— Brian Mittman, Esq.

Eye injuries are some of the most frequent reasons that workers are forced to take time off from their jobs. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), every day approximately 2,000 US workers require medical attention after sustaining an eye injury at work and about 100 of these workers are forced to miss at least one workday because of their injuries.

Dealing with an eye injury can be extremely scary and stressful. You may find yourself wondering if you'll ever see quite the same way again or if you'll be unable to perform your job duties permanently. Fortunately, there are options for work injury benefits which can provide compensation for important medical care and lost wages while you're unable to work.

Compensation Options After An Eye Injury

There are a few possible avenues for financial compensation, depending on the severity and circumstances of your injury.

  • Workers' Compensation - Nearly every Pennsylvania employer is required to provide Workers' Comp insurance for all employees. These benefits will pay for your medical care and about 2/3 of your lost wages until you return to work.
  • Social Security Disability -If your injury is serious enough to be permanently disabling or prevent you from returning to work for a year or more, you may apply for Social Security Disability benefits in addition to Workers' Comp. Most of these claims are initially denied and must go through an appeals process.
  • Personal Injury Claims - While you're usually prohibited from suing your employer or co-workers after an injury, you may file a claim against a third party if their negligence significantly contributed to your injury.


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Who Is At The Highest Risk?older man with half shadowed face

Eye injuries can happen in all kinds of workplaces, but some occupations are riskier than others. Industries which require the use of tools, heavy machinery, and safety equipment are generally at higher risk. According to Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, about 40% of non-fatal workplace eye injuries fall into one of three industries:

Experts estimate that 90% of on the job eye injuries could have been prevented by wearing protective eyewear. It's absolutely imperative that employers provide well-functioning safety gear and that they make sure this equipment is properly maintained.

Which Type Of Compensation Is Best For Me?

In order to secure maximum compensation after a workplace injury, we highly recommend speaking with both medical and legal professionals about your case.

In any work injury, it's absolutely crucial to seek out medical attention as soon as you can. This will help you to limit the damage to your eyes, increase your chances of a full recovery, and begin the process of providing evidence for a Workers' Comp or Social Security Disability claim.

It's also usually necessary to speak with an experienced work injury lawyer who can help you explore all of your options. Your health should never be taken lightly - receiving maximum compensation will give you the best chance at a full recovery.

How A Work Injury Lawyer Can Helpoptometrist eye examination

When you file a claim, you'll be going up against an insurance carrier who specializes in limiting payouts and denying claims. They'll have lawyers on their side who are very skilled at working the system. It's often necessary to have your own legal representation who can protect you from the dirty tricks insurance companies play to deny injured workers the coverage they need.

An aggressive work injury lawyer can also help determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim against a third party who was responsible for your injury. It's often necessary to acquire this additional compensation while recovering from a serious eye injury, as Workers Comp and SSD benefits can only go so far.

He or she will also determine if you qualify for multiple forms of compensation. Some injured workers may even qualify for all three if their injury was caused by a negligent third party and resulted in a long-term disability.

Don't worry about the costs of hiring a lawyer. Our work injury attorneys will gladly discuss your incident in a free consultation, and will only ask for payment if we win for you.

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