Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers: When You Need Help Righting a Wrong

When someone suffers a personal injury, one of the first actions that person should take is to contact a person injury lawyer. A law office that focuses on the protection of individual rights can guide an injured person through the complicated maze of a civil wrongs, or personal injury, case.

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries can take place in many different forms. A personal injury can be physical or psychological. The damage can be to your property, your reputation, or your rights. To separate out the aspects of an injury into finer detail, these injuries can be economic or non-economic in their impact and the harm can come from a variety of sources, many of which may appear to be innocuous. Monheit Law specializes in areas of practice that range from car seat failures to wrongful termination to Kugel mesh to fire injury with many other situations in between these ranges.

A brain injury or any physical disability brought about by a car accident or negligence or medical error can change the entire trajectory of a person’s life and devastate the entire family. The actions of other people, institutions, and agencies can harm a person without leaving a physical mark yet the person can be so badly injured so badly by the loss of reputation that it is impossible for that person to move forward in life.

Attorneys are skilled in civil litigation. In times of trouble contacting a law firm for guidance is the best action to take.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury is caused by a civil wrong which is the opposite of a civil right. The concept of civil rights and wrongs are defined in tort law. Tort is the legal term for a civil wrong and refers to something that happens that can cause a person to suffer an unfair loss or injury. Torts are the result of a tortious, or wrongful, act.

While the word ‘tort’ might not seem to make much sense, its origins explain a great deal. It’s from a fourteenth century French word that means “twisting” and that word, torcious, originated in the Late Latin word tortion which means the act of twisting. While this might seem like a long way around explaining the concept of what a tort is, it does help explain why a lawyer well-versed in tort law is the best response to a situation where a person has been injured due to the actions of another entity whether that entity is a careless driver or a medical practitioner or a toy manufacturer.

Personal Injuries

If the very definition of torts or civil wrongs seems confusing, the legal issues surrounding a personal injury which is the result of a civil wrong can be even more complex. Personal injury lawyers, like all lawyers, are fully trained in every aspect of the law. However, a personal injury attorney has chosen to specialize in the field of personal injuries. Focusing on the field of tort law, such lawyers have a deep background and extensive expertise in studying, reading about, and handling injuries that result from incidents at work, automobile accidents, using faulty products, medical malpractice, and slip and fall mishaps. While a personal injury lawsuit can go to trial, many such cases are settled out of court and only go to trial if a settlement cannot be reached with the party being sued.

A personal injury can occur in many forms. Some of the injuries that Monheit Law deals with have resulted from Fen Phen, gastric bypass surgery, toxic mold, vaccines, stock fraud, uninsured motorists, manganese poisoning, to name just a few. In situations where the possibility of personal injury is unclear, it does not cost anything to contact Monheit Law to find out if there is a case to be made.

It is completely unfair for a person to suffer and loss due to the improper, negligent, or dangerous actions of others. When you have suffered a loss or injury, that is the time to talk to a personal injury lawyer to ascertain if something can be done and what that something should be.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

If a person has been injured in any way, shape, or form and seeks the assistance of a lawyer in a personal injury case, that person becomes the plaintiff in the proceedings. The lawyer is the plaintiff lawyer and he or she acts on the plaintiff’s behalf. The lawyer begins by interviewing the person and finding out as much as possible about the event that caused the damage as well as the extent of the damage so that he or she can gain a full understanding of the situation.

In other words, the personal injury lawyer follows the complicated path of the events leading to the injuries to sort out the strands of the issue. Once the lawyer has been able to discern the various elements of the case, the lawyer is then able to research all components of what happened to discern how it happened and how extensive is the civil wrong that has been done to the plaintiff. The attorney’s goal is to find a way to attain justice and compensation for the person’s injuries and suffering.

The route to finding this justice and compensation is through having a trained advocate, offering pertinent advice, gathering detailed information, researching related civil cases and tort law, and presenting the detailed case to the entity that caused the civil wrong.

Tort law is a difficult area to navigate. For one thing, there are many nuances in a personal injury case. For another thing, civil wrongs tend to have unique aspects as each person can be injured in a different manner. In Pennsylvania, tort law is particularly challenging because late in 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a judicial opinion in a tort law case that blurred some issues in liability cases. This means that a plaintiff seeking recompense for an injury in Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers has never needed a personal injury lawyer before as much as now.

Monheit Law, P.C., is a Pennsylvania law practice dedicated to the protection of individual rights.


Monheit Law typically works on a contingency fee basis which means that the fee is contingent upon the plaintiff receiving a financial settlement. The firm advances the costs of the case and repayment of these costs is not expected unless and until there is a recovery. The initial consultation is free and before proceeding with the case, we discuss the contingent fee and determine a pre-agreed percentage of the recovery. The percentage depends on how complex the case is and the risks involved.

Monheit Law specializes in personal injury and consumer fraud matters. If a client has problems in other legal areas or in other geographical locations, the firm has the capability of assisting the client in finding an attorney in the necessary specialty or in the specific geographic area.