Were you recently injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? You most likely have many questions including:

  • Am I ever going to be able to pay for my medical bills?
  • Can people injured in accidents like mine sue?
  • How much does a lawyer cost?

Our firm has helped hundreds of people just like you. You are not alone.

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South Philly residents shouldn't suffer needlessly because someone else made a poor decision. 

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Although personal injury accidents happen every single day, no one imagines that it will happen to them until it does.  Then, most victims learn that it's not just physical pain and suffering that they will experience. The financial and personal losses can also be substantial.

Our Philadelphia Lawyers Can Help

For years, our team has dedicated their careers to helping the victims of personal injury accidents. Our clients have been hurt:

  • in car accidents
  • in bus accidents
  • by defective devices
  • in slip and fall accidents
  • by defective drugs
  • and from dog bites

Regardless of how they were injured, they were all in debt from medical expenses and lost wages.  Together, we worked with them to investigate their accident, collect evidence, identify the party who was responsible and take legal action.

Why Should I Consider Filing A Lawsuit?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only way to obtain compensation. The amount a plaintiff gets varies from case to case and is based off of the losses that were sustained. In addition to this, it can provide the plaintiff with a sense of relief knowing that justice has been served.


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How Can A Car Accident Lawyer Help?

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It's common for those who have been injured in a car accident to initially believe that their car insurance company will help them pay for their medical expenses and lost wages. While this may be true in part, the fact is that the insurance company will only pay the maximum amount allowed under the policy. When injuries are serious enough, the medical bills can easily reach thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. When insurance will only cover a fraction of the costs, many victims are left with huge debt and no way to repay it.

That's when many victims make the decision to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the car accident. While it's possible to obtain full compensation through a lawsuit, it's difficult to navigate the legal process without an attorney.

An attorney can assist with all of the necessary legal paperwork, investigate the accident, determine if there is more than one party at fault, collect witness statements, and prepare the case and client for either settlement negotiations or trial.

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Workers' Comp Attorneys Fighting For Injured Employees Rights

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A work accident can happen at any time in any industry causing serious harm to hardworking employees. The injuries sustained may not only require extensive and expensive medical care, but it may also keep the employee from returning to their chosen career. Not only is this heart-breaking but it also means that a once regular income is no longer available.

Nearly every single employer in the state is required to have workers' compensation insurance to cover all of their employees in case an accident occurs. This insurance coverage is intended to provide the injured worker with the money they need to pay for their medical expenses and if they are unable to work, a fraction of their lost wages. But even this coverage may not be enough to prevent financial ruin and a disturbing number of claims are denied each year.

Not only can an attorney help guide an injured worker through the process of filing a claim, they can also handle the appeals process, and in many cases, they identify another party whose negligence resulted in the accident. If a negligent third-party is found, it may also be possible for the worker to file a personal injury lawsuit that could provide them with all of the compensation they need.

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Monheit Law Firm Has Experience Taking Client's Construction Cases To Trial

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Construction accidents are some of the most dangerous and deadly accidents that any worker can be involved in. Defective equipment, employers who fail to enforce safety standards, jobs working at great heights, and slip and fall hazards all create a workplace that injures thousands every year. In most cases, the victims of these accident can not only pursue a workers' comp claim but they can also file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

The idea of taking a legal case before a judge and jury may feel overwhelming and intimidating to some, causing them to hesitate when it comes time to file a lawsuit. However, a good law firm will make sure that not only is the case ready to go to trial, but the client is as well.

At Monheit Law, we prepare every case as though it will eventually end up in court, despite the fact that the majority of civil lawsuits end in the acceptance of a settlement offer. We know how stressful this time is for our clients and we want them to feel prepared every step of the way.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers Dedicated To Righting Doctors Wrongs

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Being sick can be exhausting, painful, and scary. Every day, thousands of people make appointments or go to the emergency room, hoping that the doctor they see will get them onto the road to recovery. In many cases, patients go home feeling much better but sometimes, a doctor makes a mistake. These mistakes might include:

When a mistake is made, the patient may find that they are suddenly suffering from side effects, physical pain that otherwise wouldn't have occurred, and to make matters worse, it may mean that their original condition has been missed entirely and allowed to progress, making them even sicker.

The victims of medical malpractice or the loved one who died because of a medical professional's mistake have the right to pursue legal action against those responsible. If compensation is obtained, it can cover the losses sustained due to medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and even emotional trauma.

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Victims With A Brain Injury Shouldn't Hesitate To Contact Our Attorneys

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The brain is the control center of the body and when it has been damaged, it can impact a person's speech, vision, memory, movement, and can leave a patient with lifelong pain. The top causes of traumatic head and brain injury include:

  • car accidents
  • slip and falls
  • being hit by a falling object

Whatever the reason, once the damage has been done, the victim may no longer be able to work or enjoy activities that they previously enjoyed, impacting their quality of life in addition to the physical damage they have sustained. To make matters worse, the treatments frequently required are so expensive that it's not uncommon for medical expenses to add up to more than $1 million.

The average American simply can't afford to have their life disrupted so horribly and still remain financially stable. This is why the law allows the victims to pursue legal action against the party whose negligence caused the accident and therefore caused the traumatic brain injury. It may not bring back their physical abilities but it can provide the plaintiff with the compensation they so desperately need.

Reasons Why Philadelphia Residents Might Need To Google "Lawyers Near Me"

Center City Philadelphia, PA 19102 - Minivan Hits Two Pedestrians

newsstand in philadelphia paJust before noon on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 the driver of a minivan attempted to switch lanes but side swept an SUV in the process. The impact caused the van to veer out of control and it went over the curb, slamming into two pedestrians and a newsstand.  Both pedestrians were seriously injured and rushed to the hospital, where tragically, one passed away from his injuries.

Newbold Neighborhood, Philadelphia, PA 19148 - Chef Mangles Hand In Horrific Work Accident

chef making pasta in philadelphiaAn award nominated chef, Joe Cicala was working in the basement of La Virtu, making pasta, when he caught two of his fingers in the pasta machine, crushing them between the rollers. He was unable to release the rollers and due to the busy restaurant and his location, his cries for help went unheard. Luckily, he was able to call 911 and firefighters arrived to free him. His ring and middle fingers sustained serious damage and it is likely that he will require one or more surgeries thanks to this horrific work accident.

Port Richmond, Philadelphia, PA 19134 - Bus And Car Collide Leaving Three Injured

the inside of a philadlephia busEarly in the morning, a bus accident occurred, when a SEPTA bus and a passenger car collided on Allegheny Ave. Both the driver and passenger in the car, as well as the bus driver, were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Witnesses reported heavy front-end damage to the car and that both airbags had deployed.

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA 19121 - Two Vehicles Collide Injuring Six

front end collison in PhiladelphiaAlthough police have yet to announce the cause of the car crash, two vehicles collided in Fairmount Park, sending three children and three adults to the hospital, some in critical condition.

Why Do So Many Philadelphia Residents Need To Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

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Hospital Of The University Of Pennsylvania 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 215-662-4000

Pennsylvania Hospital 3401 Civic Center Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19104 1-800-879-2467

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Temple University Hospital 3401 N Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-707-2000


Court Of Common Pleasevidence for a philadelphia law firm's case Philadelphia City Hall, Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-686-7000

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Advanced Chiropractic Of Philadelphia 1518 Walnut St #1206 Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 545-5117 Visit Their Website

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Bella Vista Family Chiropractic 826 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 922-2242

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Latest Philadelphia Personal Injury News

Michael Monheit - Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer
This news section covers all personal injury related news coming from Philadelphia

October 8th, 2018 - Woman Sues After Being Attacked By 3 German Shepherds

A single mother has filed a lawsuit against the owners of three German Shepherds after the dogs brutally attacked her on her delivery route. While making a stop, the plaintiff was bitten on the hip by one dog and when she attempted to flee, all three dogs went after her. She sustained numerous bite wounds, had to undergo several surgeries, and requires physical therapy several days a week.

September 17th, 2018 - Car Crashes Into Kensington House Injuring Three

The police were called to the scene of an accident in Kensington where they found an SUV that had crashed into a home. Three people were taken to the hospital with no word on their condition. Police did not announce if the victims were in the car or the home at the time of the accident and are working to identify the cause of the crash.

August 15th, 2018 - Two-Year-Old Mauled To Death By Pitbulls

Police and Child Services are looking into the horrific death of a two-year-old who was killed by dogs inside of a Port Richmond, Philadelphia home. At the time of the attack, the child was being watched by his 23-year-old aunt who called 911 and asked neighbors to help her rescue the child. When officers arrived, they were forced to shoot two of the dogs before they could enter the home and recover the badly injured child. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors were unable to save his life.

July 12th, 2018 - Construction Worker Falls Through Roof

A construction worker who was performing work on a building at the University of the Sciences was injured when he fell through the roof. He survived the fall and was transported to the hospital by ambulance where he was treated for serious injuries, however, he is expected to live.

June 6th, 2018 - Motorcyclist Killed In Accident

A 41-year-old man who was riding with a group was killed on Girard Ave. According to police, the man attempted to switch lanes and during the transition, he was hit by another biker, lost control, and slammed into a tree. He survived the initial crash but was later declared dead at the hospital.

May 14th, 2018 - Philadelphia Worker Hit By Bricks

A construction worker in Center City was injured when several bricks fell a total of five stories and hit him. He was rushed to the hospital and has been listed in stable condition. At this time, an investigation has not revealed why the bricks fell off of the platform.

April 17th, 2018 - Bus Crash Injures Three

At around 9:30 a.m., the driver of a SEPTA bus lost control the vehicle and proceeded to crash into several utility poles and a fence. One of the poles collapsed and landed on top of the bus. Three passengers were injured and were taken to the hospital for treatment. SEPTA has not announced what caused the driver to lose control.

February 14th, 2018 - Beloved Philly Bartender In Medically Induced Coma

A well known bartender from Dirty Franks is in critical condition and has been placed in a medically induced coma after being hit by a car while on her way home. According to police, she was crossing the street after getting out of a taxi when a car slammed into her. The accident took place on Lincoln Drive in a spot where numerous other pedestrian accidents have occurred before.

March 19th, 2017 - Hunting Park Crash Kills One and Injures Another

Police officers and emergency crews were called to the scene of a car accident at around 12:45 a.m. on Sunday March 19th after the driver of a SUV crossed the center lines on a Philadelphia road and went into oncoming traffic, hitting another vehicle. The driver of the SUV was injured but expected to survive, however, his passenger was not so lucky and she was pronounced dead. For more information on this check out NBC 10.

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