Center City Philadelphia has an amazing history dating all the way back to 1682 when the city was founded by William Penn. Since then, this bustling area has grown and is now home to some of the tallest buildings in the entire city as well as many of it’s best restaurants and beautiful homes with thousands of residents. But Center City is not free from the personal injury accidents which can leave its citizens struggling and in pain.

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No one wants to think that their doctor, who should be providing them with the best care possible, could ever make a mistake. But mistakes are possible and sadly, common. Sometimes the patient is lucky and the mistake doesn’t harm them, but in other cases, their health and ability to function are put on the line.

medical records in med mal caseJust recently, a family was awarded $11 million dollars in a medical malpractice lawsuit where they claimed that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia failed to diagnose their son with meningitis. According to court records, in December of 2009, the child’s mother took him to the Emergency Department because of a fever and difficulty breathing. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and sent home. The next day she brought him back because his symptoms were worse, not better. An attending doctor examined the child, took chest x-rays which were clear and showed no sign of an infection or pneumonia, and then discharged them without any additional testing and only a recommendation to follow up with a primary care doctor.

The mother and child returned to the ER for the third time the next day where he was examined by several nurses and several doctors, all of whom continued to work up the child for a respiratory issue despite the previous testing. It wasn’t until six hours after being admitted that a doctor ordered a lumbar puncture which ultimately showed the child had meningitis. He was finally admitted to the PICU but by then it was too late, the disease had caused bilateral hearing loss and brain damage. This is why his family chose to pursue legal action against three of the doctors and the hospital, alleging that if the correct diagnosis had been made the first time the child had been seen, he wouldn’t have suffered hearing loss and brain damage.

This is just one example of how medical malpractice can change a life forever. Other common mistakes include surgical mistakes, prescription errors, and birth injuries.

If you believe that you may have been harmed due to medical malpractice, contact our lawyers to learn more about the process of pursuing legal action.

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It’s impossible to travel through the city of Philadelphia without seeing some sort of construction, whether it be new construction or the repair of one of the older buildings. Thousands of men and women have their careers in the construction industry and as many of them know, it is a dangerous industry.

In the past, our firm has represented clients who were injured because of:

While it workers’ compensation may be an option, the process of filing a claim is much harder than it should be and many claims are rejected. In order to obtain full compensation, contact our firm to learn more about how we can help with both workers’ comp and construction accident lawsuits.

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Philadelphia residents are no stranger to car accidents and for a lucky few, the damage is to the car only, however, many of those involved suffer from lasting physical damage. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and burns are not only expensive to treat but can also cause so much damage that the victim is unable to live life the way they did before the accident. Unfortunately, car insurance may not cover all of the losses.

A car accident lawsuit may be the only way to fully recover compensation. When a client contacts us, we review every aspect of the accident, consult with specialists, determine the past and expected future losses, and handle the paperwork. Then, we will either negotiate a settlement or take the defendant to court to fight for our client’s rights.

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