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Doctors are supposed to use their vast knowledge and experience to treat patients – not hurt them. When a doctor makes a mistake, a patient may be forced to undergo treatments that they otherwise wouldn’t have needed – or they pine street near fitler square phillymay die. Whatever the outcome, the fact is that the patient or their surviving loved ones now have the right to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Each year, millions are paid out to patients who suffered because of a mistake made by a medical professional. These awards are given so that the patient doesn’t suffer financially and is able to afford the best care possible. But proving that medical malpractice occurred isn’t simple and it’s best for plaintiffs to work with an experienced attorney.

Our firm knows where to look to find the evidence that is needed and we also know how to handle the insurance companies. Depending on what our client wishes, we get what they need through either a carefully negotiated settlement or by taking the battle to court.

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Have you or a loved one recently been hurt in a construction accident? Are you wondering what to do now that your workers’ compensation claim has been denied or, even if it was approved, that the payments simply arent’ enough? Our legal team can help.

Not only can our lawyers help with the process of filing or appealing in workers’ compensation, but we can also review the case to determine if the negligence of a third-party resulted in the accident which caused our client harm. If a third-party did contribute to the accident, we then assist our client with filing a personal injury lawsuit in addition to their workers’ compensation claim.

In addition to this, if our employee is unable to return to work because of their injury, we can also help them navigate through Social Security Disability which can help them cover their daily needs – but which is notoriously difficult to obtain.

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Did you know that the minimum medical coverage required for any driver in the state of PA is only $5,000? This might seem like a lot but after an accident happens, many victims realize this amount will likely only cover a small percentage of their medical bills.

Broken bones, traumatic head injuries, spinal damage, burns, and deep lacerations all take time and extensive medical care to treat, not to mention, money. Without the necessary funds, some patients have to forgo care.

In order to be sure that everyone has the care that they deserve, the law allows the victims of car accidents to file a civil lawsuit against the person whose negligence caused them such serious harm. Through a lawsuit, it may be possible to obtain compensation which will cover all medical expenses, lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and even emotional trauma.

Our law firm knows you already have enough stress to deal with – let us help guide you through the legal waters and fight for your rights.

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