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Those who are employed in the construction industry understand that they are working in one of the most dangerous industries around. At any time, a scaffolding accident, heavy machinery accident, falling object, slip and fall, or toxic exposure could cause them serious harm which will prevent them from living life the way they did before the bulldozer on a construction siteaccident.

Many workers turn to workers’ comp and file a claim, believing that this will cover their many medical bills and are shocked to find that their claim is denied. But this doesn’t mean that compensation is impossible to obtain.

Our law firm helps clients navigate the process of filing a workers’ comp claim, handle the appeals process, and also file a construction accident lawsuit if another party’s negligence caused the accident. The compensation that can be obtained through these two claims could potentially provide all the money needed to pay for past and future medical expenses, lost earnings, and even pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one were injured in a construction accident, contact our law firm now to learn more about our legal services.

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No parent wants to see their child suffer, let alone learn that the child was hurt during the moments what they were first coming into the world. Sadly, many parents experience just this situation when a doctor or nurse makes a mistake that injures the newborn.

All it takes is a moment during which the child or mother was left unmonitored, a mistake made during an epidural or c-section, or the administering of an incorrect drug and the child’s future will change forever. Not only will the birth injury impact their ability to function in the future but it will also mean that the parents will be faced with making ongoing medical decisions and often burdened with large medical bills.

Our birth injury lawsuit attorneys can help parents get their family back on track by getting them the compensation that they need to cover the care their child will need. We aren’t afraid to handle the insurance companies, medical professionals, or hospitals and are prepared to take the matter to court if needed.

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Under the law, property owners are required to take care of their property and fix any hazards so that when a visitor comes they aren’t harmed. Yet each year, hundreds are hurt in slip and fall accidents caused by:

  • broken handrails
  • broken steps
  • ice and snow
  • wet floors
  • broken sidewalks
  • potholes
  • loose carpets
  • loose wires

Generally, when someone thinks about falling down, the natural assumption is that they will dust themselves off and get back up. But not everyone is able to get back up. In fact, serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury or spinal damage can be caused by falling from just a standing height. These injuries are not inexpensive to treat and can often change the way that the victim lives their lives.

Our law firm knows how to find the evidence that proves a property owner or manager knew or should have known about a hazard on their property and is experienced in presenting the facts in a courtroom. We have helped many clients recover the compensation they need to move forward.

Contact us now – time is running out. In each case, there is a statute of limitations which means that the victim only has a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit, otherwise they risk losing the opportunity to recover compensation forever.

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