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No one ever expects that before they reach their destination, another driver will cause an accident that may forever change their lives. Yet every day, this very scenario happens to South Philly residents.philadelphia where personal injury lawyers work

All it takes is one serious injury, like a broken bone or spinal cord injury, and a car insurance policy may be maxed out at just the initial hospital visit, leaving the victims with a hefty medical bill and more to come. It’s easy to feel completely lost and like there is nowhere to seek help, but you aren’t alone. Our law firm is here to help.

Our car accident lawyers have dedicated their careers to making sure that clients get the compensation they need not only to pay for past losses but also to cover expected future losses. We fully investigate the accident, collect evidence, file the paperwork, handle the insurance companies, and aggressively fight for compensation on our client’s behalf.

If you would like to learn more about our firm, how we’ve helped past clients, and how we can help you, contact our law firm. The sooner the better – time may be running out.

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The joyous moment that a child is born is one of the best any parent can experience. But sometimes this moment is marred by the discovery that a mistake made during the labor process has hurt the child or mother.

Birth injuries can impact the way that a newborn is able to function and grow. In past cases, our legal team has helped parents whose child was diagnosed with:

  • brain damage
  • broken bones
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erbs palsy

In the worst cases, the child didn’t survive.

Our goal is to provide our clients with compensation so that they can get the best care possible for their loved one. We know that there is no monetary sum that can change the past, but there are sums that can help make the future a brighter and more comfortable one.

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Our Construction Injury Lawyers Get Injured Workers The Funds They Need

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Construction accidents happen in a matter of seconds but the damage it can do to the workers involved may last a lifetime.

Workers’ compensation insurance is supposed to ensure that anyone who is hurt on the job, for almost any reason, is covered and their medical bills paid for.  Sadly, insurance companies don’t care about individuals, they are about saving the company money, which is why adjusters are frequently trained to look for reasons to deny a claim.

By working with an attorney from the very beginning, injured workers are much more likely to have their initial claim approved. If a denial has already been issued, an attorney can help with the appeals process and can represent the injured worker during any hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Board.

When you work with Monheit Law, our legal team also reviews the accident to determine if the victim is eligible to file a construction accident lawsuit against another party. These lawsuits can be filed at the same time as the workers’ comp claim and may provide the plaintiff with additional compensation for future medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and physical trauma.

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