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It seems like every day there is a story on the news about a construction worker who was seriously hurt or killed on the job.

When serious accidents happen at a construction site, OSHA is sent to investigate the incident and to determine if the employer or another party failed to provide a reasonably safe environment. While an employer may face fines if construction site in plymouth meetingthey did violate safety standards, this does nothing to help the injured worker pay their medical bills or cover their everyday expenses while they are out of work.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to cover the injured worker’s medical bills and sometimes a fraction of their lost wages, but claims are not guaranteed to be approved and in fact, a large percentage of these claims are denied, leaving injured employees to fend for themselves while they try to navigate the process of filing an appeal.

Our legal team helps injured construction workers get the coverage they need from workers’ comp while determining if they are also able to file a construction accident lawsuit. These lawsuits, filed against a third party whose negligence resulted in an accident, are another way to obtain compensation. In addition to medical expenses and lost wages, compensation for physical pain and suffering and emotional trauma can be obtained.

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Truck accidents can be some of the most catastrophic accidents that occur on the road and the impact of a collision can easily cause serious damage to anyone unlucky enough to be involved.

In the past, our clients have sustained:

  • spinal injuries
  • brain damage
  • broken bones
  • burns
  • crush injuries

In each case, the injuries that were sustained required extensive medical treatment which was exceptionally expensive. In fact, it’s not uncommon for accident victims to end up with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in medical debt.

Car insurance might help to cover a small fraction of these medical expenses but the insurance company always stops paying as soon as the policy limits run out. That’s when the victim usually starts to seek alternative ways to obtain the compensation they need.

A truck accident lawsuit can provide that compensation. With our experienced legal team’s help, past clients were able to get full compensation for their past and expected future medical losses, lost earnings, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. Contact us now to learn more.

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It’s not uncommon for people to brush aside the seriousness of slip and fall accidents until it happens to them. But the truth of the matter is that all it takes is a few moments, and permanent damage can be done.

Our experienced premises liability lawyers have helped hundreds of clients after a slip and fall accident and we can help you. We know where to look for the evidence that is needed to prove the case, we handle all the legal paperwork, can speak with the insurance companies on our clients behalf, and when the time comes, depending on our client’s wishes, we will either negotiate a fair settlement or we will take the matter to court.

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