Have you suffered health problems after taking an HIV drug like Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Complera, or Stribild? You may be wondering:

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Filing Lawsuits Against Gilead for TDF Drug Health Problems

Monheit Law has recently joined a coalition of attorneys who are representing individuals affected by Gilead's TDF drugs. According to a recent class-action lawsuit filed in California, Gilead was aware that their TDF drugs were linked to serious side effects and health issues like kidney and bone density problems. Moreover, Gilead allegedly delayed the release of similar medications that did not have these side effects in order to protect their own profits.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Gilead executives were aware of a less toxic form of the HIV medication tenofovir as early as 2000, but chose to hide the risks of tenofovir instead of continuing to develop the safer version.

Our Pennsylvania defective drug attorneys think that the patients affected by these TDF-related health issues deserve justice. If you've recently suffered kidney or bone density problems after taking a TDF medication like Truvada, Viread, Atripla, Complera, or Stribild, we're prepared to help you understand your legal options, including a potential lawsuit against Gilead.


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Health Problems Linked to TDF Medications Manufactured by Gilead

There are several health issues which have been linked to TDF medications, including:

  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Tubular Dysfunction
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Fanconi's Syndrome
  • Bone Fractures
  • Osteopenia
  • Osteoporosis

According to the California lawsuit, Gilead was aware that TDF HIV medications like Viread would need to be administered in high doses in order to work well, which meant a higher likelihood of these types of kidney and bone problems. If you've taken an HIV medication manufactured by Gilead and have also suffered any of these health issues, you may have a case for a lawsuit as well.

Do I Have Grounds for a TDF HIV Drug Lawsuit?

As mentioned above, you may have a case for a defective drug lawsuit against Gilead if you took any of the following medications and have suffered kidney or bone health issues:

  • Truvada
  • Viread
  • Stribild
  • Atripla
  • Complera

In order to better understand your legal options, we advise speaking with one of the experienced Philadelphia defective drug attorneys at Monheit Law. We can analyze your case, help you determine if you have a case for a lawsuit, and guide you through the process of seeking the financial compensation you need and deserve.

A lawsuit could provide compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other personal and financial damages.

You can learn more about your legal rights in a free consultation.

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