Testosterone Therapy Linked to Cardiac Risk

A 2014 study suggests that prescription testosterone drugs may double some men’s risk of suffering a heart attack. With millions of testosterone therapy prescriptions in the U.S., a large group of men could be in serious danger.

The study, which examined the records of more than 55,000 men using testosterone treatment drugs, found heart attack risk doubled during the first 90 days of use in men younger than 65 with a history of heart disease and in all men older than 65. A November 2013 study suggested a 30 percent increased risk of death, stroke and heart attack in testosterone therapy users older than 65.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the possible association between prescription testosterone drugs and cardiovascular events.

Testosterone products are FDA-approved for use in men with low testosterone levels (low-T) caused by associated medical conditions, but many men have been prescribed these drugs to treat fatigue and other conditions. Patients should not stop taking medications without first consulting with their physicians.