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10 Common Medical Malpractice Defense Arguments

The vast majority of medical malpractice lawsuits are premised on the general theory of negligence, which holds that professionals (including doctors and nurses) owe their clients a specific set of duties. Medical professionals, in particular, are obligated to uphold the standards and best practices widely-accepted within the healthcare community. Defenses To General Negligence Claims While cases [...]

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VA Hired “Dangerous” Docs, Hid Malpractice Settlements, USA Today Finds

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is protecting bad doctors, according to a series of new reports from USA Today. Despite its mission to care for America's veterans, the VA has hired dozens of physicians with lengthy malpractice records and license suspensions, doctors who often go on to hurt VA patients. When problems arise, USA [...]

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6-Year-Old Pennsylvania Girl Wins $40M In Birth Injury Lawsuit

The 6-year-old daughter of a Pennsylvania State Representative has won over $40 million in compensation for a spinal cord injury she sustained at birth. On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, a jury for the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas concluded that the young girl had received substandard care from Dr. Steven M. Troy, an obstetrician [...]

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Philadelphia Laser Spine Institute Loses $20M Anesthesia Lawsuit

Laser Spine Institute, a network of medical facilities providing minimally-invasive spinal procedures, must pay $20 million in compensation to the estate of a woman who died after undergoing surgery at the company's Philadelphia center, the Legal Intelligencer writes. After eight days of trial, a jury in Chester County state court found the ambulatory care center [...]

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Pennsylvania Woman Wins $3.35M For Delay In Cancer Diagnosis Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania woman has been awarded $3.35 million in compensation because, according to a state court jury, her radiologists dismissed evidence of breast cancer that turned up in mammogram screenings, The Intelligencer reports. Ultimately diagnosed in 2013, she was forced to confront Stage 3 cancer, undergoing a battery of grueling treatments. Radiologists Held Liable In [...]

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Philadelphia Metro Area Accident Report: September 14, 2018

In Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, there are accidents each week in which innocent people are injured or killed. Many of these accidents could have been prevented yet unfortunately, they were caused by the negligence of another. This week our accident report will detail some of the biggest accidents to have made headlines in the [...]

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