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The neighborhood of Krewstown is located within the southern section of the community of Bustleton. It is part of both eastern Montgomery County and southern Bucks Count within the northeastern section of the state of Pennsylvania. The Pennypack Creek and Pennypack Park form the western and southern border, while Lincoln Highway forms the eastern border.

Historical Landmarks

The area was once part of the tract granted to William Penn. Welsh settlers migrated to the area in order to flee religious restrictions encountered in other areas. The Pennepack Baptist Church, originally the Lower Dublin Baptist Church, was founded in 1688 by Elias Keach. Elias was the son of Benjamin Keach, a tailor from Buckinghamshire and a Particular Baptist preacher. The church became the first Baptist church in the state of Pennsylvania and is now the oldest in the United States. The current building that still offers weekly services was built in 1805.

The Krewstown Bridge that crosses over the Pennypack Creek and Pennypack Trail was constructed in 1800. The bridge connects to the 1,600-acre park that contains woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and fields. The park offers the community a beautiful landscape with rolling hills and open meadows and is great for the following outdoor activities:

  • hiking
  • biking
  • running
  • horseback riding

The creek was home to many grist mills built by the Verree family. The area was a great source of flour, lumber, edge tools, and textiles. The Verree and Klein historical houses are still standing today.

Lastly, the community is home to two historical stables. The first is located across from the stone bridge. The second is on the hill that once was the Ryerss’ Infirmary for horses in 1890. The infirmary was founded by animal rights advocate Anne and her step-son, Robert Waln Ryerss. The Ryerss family took in ill horses for rehabilitation when they previously would have been put down. The farm eventually moved out of the area and still serves in helping horses.


Eastern European immigrants have flocked to the area for years. The New World Association of Immigrants of Eastern Europe is located on Bustleton Avenue and offers assistance with obtaining citizenship for the community immigrants. Russian signs can be seen as you travel down the road, and the community hosts many immigrant businesses. Some of these include:

  • Royal Palace
  • House of Kosher
  • Petrovsky Market
  • Judah Mediterranean Grille
  • Kashmir Garden Super Market


The town has a population of 9,382 residents and consists of 4,057 households. As many as 20% of the households include children. As many as 41.8% of the population was born in countries other than the United States. English is the primary language spoken by 48.2% of the residents, in addition to 12.7% speaking Russian. Some other languages spoken by the townspeople are Arabic, African languages, and Spanish. The ancestral makeup of the community includes the following:

  • 12.3% Russian
  • 8.3% Asian
  • 7.0% Ukrainian
  • 6.5% Sub-Saharan African
  • 5.4% Arab

The median income per household in the community was $50,373. The breakdown of the occupations held by the working townspeople includes the following:

  • 41.0% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 29.2% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 19.0% sales and service jobs
  • 10.9% clerical, assistant, and tech support

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