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Fox Chase

The neighborhood of Fox Chase is located in the northeastern section of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. The community takes up 1,811.2 acres. The neighboring communities include Rhawnhurst, Lawndale, Cheltenham, Rockledge, and Krewstown. The Pennypack Park and Pennypack Creek form the northern border. Some of the major roadways within the community are Rockwell Avenue, Dungan Road, SR 1001, and Verree Road.


The neighborhood was initially part of the Lower Dublin Township, which was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia in 1854. However, the land was part of the William Penn land grant as far back as 1822. It was then passed to the McVeigh family, followed by the Wistar family. The Wistar family developed the area into a self-sufficient farm which was sold to Lorimer and Butler. The two farmers converted it into the Gentlemen’s Farm, and volunteers are currently maintaining it from the Freinds of Fox Chase Farm.

In 1879, the National Bank of the Republic president, William Rhawn, constructed his summer home in the community. He used the architect Frank Furness, who was well known for his work with public buildings and mansions during the Gilded Age. The estate was referred to as the Knowlton in reference to his great-grandfather, John Knowles.

Historical Landmarks

The neighborhood is home to several historical landmarks. The Knowlton Mansion, also referred to as the Rhawn Residence, is located on Rhawn Street and Verree Road. The mansion stands three stories and was designed by 19th-century architect Frank Furness using a Gothic Revival style. The house construction was completed in 1881.

Another great historical landmark is the Ryerss Mansion, also known as Burholme Mansion. The house was constructed in 1859 and originally sat on 85 acres that overlooked Burholme Park. The owner, Joseph Waln Ryerss, was originally a merchant before becoming the president of the Tioga Railroad. The house was finally turned over to the city in 1905, and it became a museum and library in 1910. The Ryerss Museum & Library remains free to the people.


The population of the neighborhood was 19,730 and consisted of 7,778 households. Approximately 74.8% of the family households were married couples. As many as 15.9% of the residents were born in countries other than the United States. The racial makeup of the community was the following:

  • 73.2% white
  • 10.3% African American
  • 6.3% Hispanic or Latino
  • 6.5% Asian
  • 3.6% two or more races
  • 0.1% other races

The median income for the neighborhood was $54,870 in 2011. This was more than the city of Philadelphia that was $34,207. The most commonly held occupations in the area included:

  • 15.3% administration
  • 9.5% management
  • 7.1% sales
  • 6.6% healthcare
  • 6.0% education
  • 4.7% personal care

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