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La Mott

The unincorporated community of La Mott is located in the Cheltenham Township within the southeastern section of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. The 167.04-acre neighborhood has an elevation of 230 feet or 70 meters. It falls under the 215, 267, and 445 area codes. Some of the neighborhoods next to it include Elkins Park, Melrose Park, Rockledge, Wyncote, and Laverock. The intersection of Cheltenham Avenue and Old York Road is in the southern section of the community.


The community was initially referred to as Camp Town. During the Civil War, it served as the first federal training site for African American soldiers, known as Camp William Penn. The site was used from 1863 until 1865 by the Union Army. As many as 11,000 free and escaped African Americans joined the United Army during the Civil War, including 8,612 from the state. This enlistment began after President Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation. This camp was an integral part of the advancement of desegregation and African American roles in the military. Frederick Douglass visited the site and discussed their importance in the war and shed light on some of the harsher treatments that the African American soldiers were subjected to.

From the 1850s to 1880, Lucretia Mott lived in the area. As a young woman, she was a Quaker preacher and became an influential abolitionist and voice for women’s rights. Not only did she fight for the right of former slaves to vote, but her home became a stop on the Underground Railroad. The community was named after her, and she is regarded as an important woman of the 19th century.

Historical Landmarks

Within the community is the Camptown Historic District, otherwise known as the La Mott Historic District or Camp William Penn. The area covers over 26 acres and includes more than 35 historic buildings. Some of the historical landmarks through the neighborhood include:

  • the AME Church – located at
  • Residence on Old York Road
  • site of former Lucretia C. Mott House
  • La Mott historical marker

The La Mott Fire Company was formed in 1910 and provides emergency service to over 8,000 residents in the surrounding areas.


The households within the neighborhood are mainly upper-middle income, making it an above-average income neighborhood. The adult working population fill many types of occupations, such as the following:

  • 54.2% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 19.6% sales and service jobs
  • 15.1% clerical, assistant, and tech support roles
  • 11.1% manufacturing and laborer professions

As many as 19.5% of the neighborhood population were born in countries other than the United States. While 83.0% of the residents speak English, 1.8% speak Native American. A few other languages that can be heard in the community include Spanish, African languages, French, and Korean. Some of the ethnicity or ancestries they commonly identify with are as follows:

  • 8.2% Sub-Saharan African
  • 7.2% German
  • 6.5% Irish
  • 5.1% Jamaican
  • 4.6% Asian
  • 3.3% Eastern European
  • 1.6% Romanian

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