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The community of Bustleton is in the far northeast section of Philadelphia in Philadelphia County within the state of Pennsylvania. The neighboring communities include Somerton, Meadowbrook, Fox Chase, Rhawnhurst, and Morrell Park. Within the community is the unincorporated community of Krewstown. The main roadways are Bustleton Avenue, Welsh Road, Alburger Avenue, Morefield Road, and Haldeman Avenue.


The town was originally centered around Bustleton Tavern that was established before the American Revolution. The community was mainly a trading center that attracted farmers with things to sell or trade. They would come by horse and buggy and stay at the hotels as they sought to sell their items. The waterways, including the streams and rivers, also provided transportation in addition to fueling the mills.

One of the oldest churches in the country is located in the area, the Lower Dublin Baptist Church, located on Krewstown Road. The church, also referred to as the Pennepek Baptist Church, was founded in 1688 by Benjamin Keach’s son, Elias Keach. Benjamin was a London author and well-known Particular Baptist preacher. The earliest church building dated back to 1707, but the current structure was built in 1805. The church still holds weekly services. The cemetery on the church grounds is home to some of the remains of the Revolutionary War Soldiers.


As of 2000, the community consisted of 13,719 occupied housing units and 7,209 single-family owner-occupied homes. The residents had many school options to attend, including:

  • Joseph J. Greenberg Elementary
  • Anne Frank Elementary
  • C.C.A. Baldi Middle School
  • George Washington High School

Within the community are many amenities for the residents. The Free Library of Philadelphia serves the community and is located near George Washington High School. The Greater Bustleton Civic League provides organized youth sports opportunities to the locals and has been for over sixty years. Some parks they practice at include:

  • Robert Hayes Memorial Playground
  • Conwell Park
  • Baldi Playground
  • Lackman Parks & Recreation Center


As of the census in 2000, the area had a population of 31,853. Approximately 45.9% of this count was men, and nearly 27% were residents 65 years or older. The following is the racial makeup of the community:

  • 69.1% white
  • 8.3% African American
  • 6.9% Hispanic or Latino
  • 13.8% Asian
  • 0.9% two or more races
  • 0.9% other races

The median income per household was $55,900. As many as 56% of the residents were employed, and the unemployed make up 3.8%. The following are the most common occupations held by the residents:

  • 13.5% administration
  • 10.0% sales
  • 6.6% healthcare
  • 6.2% production
  • 4.5% business
  • 4.5% education

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