Delaware County is a great place to raise a family, with a variety of enriching cultural experiences available. We love introducing our kids to new experiences and valuable play time through the wide array of kid-friendly activities in this area. Our Delaware County personal injury lawyers recommend family trips to the following locations in and around the Springfield area:

Pump It Up of Springfield

If your child has a birthday coming up and you’re looking for a venue where you can host a fun and unique party, Pump It Up is a great choice. Your child and all of their friends are sure to have a blast while playing in their own bounce house arena, inflatable playground, games, a blow-up birthday throne, and private party space. You can make the party all your own by customizing with your own add-ons, including your choice of food, beverages, and party favors.

Lulu’s Casita

Lulu’s Casita is another indoor play arena just for kids, where you can bring your little ones for a birthday party or simply a fun day of playing with their friends and other kids. Here, your child can learn through playing, express themselves, develop new friendships with other kids, and explore. There are all kinds of nice touches to stimulate your child’s senses, including plants, mirrors, mobiles, magnetic boards, photographs, and children’s artwork. There are a variety of experiences designed to encourage kids to interact with each other, including a dress-up area, talking tube, giant imagination blocks, a swing, and a slide.

Oasis Family Fun Center

Oasis is another similar indoor play emporium for kids, but with additional features you can’t find at Pump It Up or Lulu’s Casita. There are two big play zones here, along with a large selection of arcade games, a miniature kid-friendly bowling area, laser maze, and a rock climbing wall. You also have the option to choose from a variety of food options for your party, including cupcakes, water ice, pizza, chicken tenders, and more treats that both kids and adults can enjoy. There are seating areas where adults can relax and socialize with each other while keeping an eye on their kids at play.

My Gym

It’s important to teach our kids the value of physical fitness from an early age, and My Gym is an excellent venue for beginning the development of what should be a lifelong habit. They have programs designed for kids from 6 weeks through 10 years old. They put a great deal of thought and work into creating these programs. Some of the gym classes offered here include:

  • Practice and Play (All Ages)
  • Little Bundles (6 weeks-6 months)
  • Tiny Tykes (7 months-13 months)
  • Siblings (1 years-9 years)
  • Waddlers (14 months-22 months)
  • Gymsters (23 months-2.5 years)
  • Preschool Prep (2 years-5 years)
  • Terrific Tots (2.5 years-3.25 years)
  • Mighty Mites (3.25 years-4.5 years)
  • Whiz Kids (4.5 years-6 years)
  • Ninja Training (5 years-10 years)