The Philadelphia area has a rich history which rivals that of any other American city. Countless revolutionaries, American heroes, artists, writers, and other notable citizens have influenced the nation and the world from this region. In Rockledge, Lawnview Memorial Park is a historical cemetery in which many influential Americans are buried. If you visit here, you’ll have the chance to pay your respects to several individuals who have left their mark on our nation’s history. Some reasons why our Montgomery County personal injury lawyers find Lawnview Memorial Park fascinating include:


Lawnview Memorial Park was established in 1904, and in the past century-plus, a wide range of American military heroes and other important figures have been buried here. There are soldiers from every American war buried on these grounds.

The cemetery was bought in 1904 so that people in Northeast Philadelphia and nearby areas could have a place for affordable burials. A stone chapel was added in 1914, known as the Lawnview Chapel. This structure was used to provide non-denominational services and receiving vaults for bodies awaiting burial until 1979, when it was converted into general offices for the Odd Fellows Cemetery Company.

When Temple University acquired Monument Cemetery in 1956, many of the remains buried there were transported to Lawnview Memorial Park. The Odd Fellow Cemetery in Philadelphia has also relocated many graves here.

Beautiful Natural Setting

Lawnview Memorial Park spans 82 acres, which include beautiful rolling hills, striking old shade trees, flowering shrubs, lawns, and other gorgeous landscaping. It’s truly a tranquil place of natural beauty which makes a respectful resting place. This natural setting is complemented by paved roads which you can stroll along as you pass by historic monuments and graves, some dating back all the way to the 1800s. Birds pass through and help add to the serene atmosphere with their chirps and songs.

Famous People Buried Here

Being buried at Lawnview Memorial Park is an honor, as you’re sharing a resting place with some of American history’s most significant figures. Some of the notable people who have been buried here include:

  • George Lippard – American novelist, journalist, and playwright who was extremely popular in 19th-century America.
  • DeWitt Clinton Baxter – Served as a Colonel and Brigadier General for the Union Army during the Civil War and was also a prominent artist and engraver.
  • Henry Brutsche – Philadelphia-born Union Army soldier and recipient of the Medal of Honor.
  • John E. Clopp – Another Philadelphia-born Union Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient.
  • John Hull Campbell – American Party member of the US House of Representatives during the mid 19th-century.
  • Thomas Birch Florence – Democratic member of the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.
  • Charles Frederick Pracht – Republican member of the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania.
  • Harold Charles Wilson – Olympic Bronze Medalist at the 1924 Olympic games in Paris.
  • Robert Orr – Union Army soldier and Medal of Honor Recipient