Each week we bring you details of news stories about some of the biggest accidents in and around Philadelphia that made headlines. There is no shortage of individuals being injured in car accidents, construction accidents, work accidents and more. It is especially unfortunate when these accidents are caused by another person’s negligence. If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s negligence call a Philadelphia personal injury attorney to set up a free legal consultation. You need to discover what your legal options are as soon as possible.

Fatal Chester County Accident

Around 8 pm On Friday, March 30, an accident occurred in West Brandywine that involved an SUV. Police responded to the accident where they tried to rescue a woman who was trapped in a burning vehicle that had crashed into a tree on East Reeceville Road. Unfortunately, they were unable to save her and she died at the scene. The three officers who attempted to rescue her had to be transported to Paoli Hospital for smoke inhalation. They were treated and released. There was a second driver involved in the accident who was also taken to the hospital and the road was shut down for an investigation for several hours.

Early Morning Car Accident In Philadelphia

At about 3:40 am on Saturday, March 31, a single vehicle accident occurred with devastating results. According to police, the vehicle crashed went over a guardrail on I-95 and fell off an overpass. It then landed on a median and rolled stopping at Wheatsheaf Lane. There were two occupants who were both ejected from the vehicle. A 21-year-old female died at the scene and a 26-year-old male was taken to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital.

Trash Truck Causes Major

On April 4, at around 3:30 in the morning neighbors in the Greys Ferry section of Philadelphia were woken up by a loud crashing noise. According to police, the driver of a trash truck lost control of his vehicle at 26th and Reed Streets. The trash truck damaged 10 vehicles. One of the vehicles ended up on top of another and required a crew to come and remove it. Police are investigating to determine what the cause of the accident was.

Police Injured In Car Crash

On Thursday, April 5, police were called to respond to a shooting. Two police vehicles, an SUV and a cruiser, crashed into each other while responding to the call not far from the scene. Three officers were injured and taken to the hospital for treatment. The crash is under investigation and the victims of the shooting were hospitalized in stable condition. The shooter has not been caught after fleeing the scene.