Our weekly accident report for July 12th, 2017 looks at a fatal maritime work accident, two car accidents each involving just one driver, and a heroic rescue by a SEPTA police officer.

Packer Marine Terminal Employer Killed In Work Accidentcontainer ship at marine terminal

A 52-year old employee at Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia was killed in an accident on Monday, July 10th.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the accident was likely caused by a piece of heavy machinery knocking a container from the top of a stack, which then fell onto the employee’s truck. The employee had been with the terminal for over 20 years. He worked as a checker – someone who counts containers and monitors operations.

4 Injured After SUV Crashes Into Parked Truck In Philadelphia

The driver and four passengers of an SUV were injured after the driver lost control and crashed into a parked truck in the Somerton section of Philadelphia.

The driver and one of the passengers were trapped and had to be freed by firefighters. They were taken to Aria Health Torresdale in critical condition. The two other passengers are also hospitalized but in stable condition.

Police are currently investigating what may have caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Driver Crashes Into Montgomery County Dunkin Donuts

A driver lost control of their car and crashed into a Dunkin Donuts shortly after midnight on Tuesday, July 10th in Montgomery County. The location was closed and unoccupied when the accident occurred, so no one was injured inside. The driver and one passenger suffered minor injuries.

The store was heavily damaged in the crash – with the car breaking through the brick siding and glass window before entering the interior of the store. Authorities have not disclosed the cause of the accident.

SEPTA Police Officer Rescues Man From Burning Vehiclered car on fire

A SEPTA police officer saved a man who was left unconscious after crashing his car into the back of a garbage truck on Delaware Ave in Philadelphia on July 6th.

Sgt. Marc Pasquarella was initially going to wait for paramedics to arrive before the truck driver notified him that the car was on fire. The officer and two civilians struggled and eventually pulled the driver out of the vehicle just minutes before flames engulfed the car.

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