In Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, there are accidents each week in which innocent people are injured or killed. Many of these accidents could have been prevented yet unfortunately, they were caused by the negligence of another. This week our accident report will detail some of the biggest accidents to have made headlines in the Philadelphia area. If you or a loved one have been injured in a preventable car, work, construction, or other types of accident due to negligence, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can help give you the support you need. Contact us to learn about your legal options in a free consultation today.

Accident On The Atlantic City Expressway Thursday Morning

On Thursday morning, August 9, an accident occurred on the Atlantic City Expressway near Exit 7 just around 9:30 am. A truck carrying a load of cinder blocks struck the overpass at Fire Road causing the vehicle to lose the load it was carrying onto the Expressway. Debris covered the road and the truck was damaged but no injuries were reported. There was another vehicle involved as well, but it was unclear whether the vehicle was struck by the truck or the debris.

Fatal Accident In Baltimore County Maryland On Friday Morning

At about 2: 20 am, Friday, August 10, a fatal accident occurred on Philadelphia Road in Baltimore County, MD. A 21-year-old man was standing outside of his car when another vehicle that was headed north on Philadelphia Road, veered across traffic hitting the man. The man was taken to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the vehicle was taken to another area hospital for treatment of minor injuries. It is not clear why the driver veered across the road and police are still investigating the accident.

Fatal Accident Thought To Be Caused By Street Racing

On Sunday, August 5, a little before 1 am, a fatal accident occurred at 76th Street and Brewster Avenue. The crash is thought by police to have been caused by street races in Southwest Philadelphia. The collision was between a motorcycle and a car and police say that the motorcyclist was doing a wheelie prior to crashing into the car. The driver of the car was not injured and he is cooperating with investigators. Another car left the scene of the accident and police are looking for the vehicle described as a red Subaru.