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Rockledge is a borough located in Montgomery County and is surrounding by Abington Township and Philadelphia. The borough also shares a zip code with Jenkintown, where our local law office is situated. Statistics from the United States Census Bureau states that the borough has a total area of 0.3 square miles, with all of it being made up of just land.


The United States Census of 2000 shares that there was an estimated amount of 2,577 people, 1,060 households, and 645 families that lived in Rockledge. The population density of the borough was about 7,428.9 individuals per square mile. Of the population, the racial diversity contains the following:

  • 97.98% White
  • 0.97% Native American
  • 0.58% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.31% Asian
  • 0.04% Black or African American
  • 0.66% from two or more races

The median household income in 2000 was about $47,958 and for families $55,455. Males had a high median income than females with $40,349 compared to $32 100.


One of the most popular attractions in Rockledge is the Rockledge Model Railroad Museum. The museum is mostly known for its Fort Washington exhibit that has been featured several times in the local newspaper and on television.

The museum has undergone many renovations and reconstructions, with its most recent being in 2016 where they created a transition era of 1953, making it the 4th railroad construction that Gatsme had finished.

Prominent Residents

Many celebrated residents have called Rockledge their homes, with some being:

  • Hampton S. Thomas; American Civil War fighter who was awarded a Medal of Honor
  • Dick McBridge; 1871-1876 MLB player for the Philadlephia Athletics as a pitcher

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