Every week we bring you news from the headlines about some of the biggest accidents that have affected the Philadelphia Metro area. Sadly, there is constant news of innocent people being negatively impacted by car accidents, work accidents, construction accidents, and much more that are caused by the negligence of others. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence contact a Philadelphia personal injury attorney to determine your legal options. Schedule your free legal consultation today.

Multi-Car Accident On Atlantic City Expressway

Around 3:15 pm on Monday, March 5, a multi-car vehicle accident took place on the Atlantic City Expressway in Gloucester County between Berlin Crosskeys and Route 42. There was an unknown number of vehicles involved in the crash but some of the vehicles caught fire when they crashed off of the highway in some trees. Both sides of the Expressway were shut down due to the accident, and there were two people that were taken to Cooper Medical Center with injuries.

Downed Wire Causes One Man’s Death In A Car Fire

This week resulted in a lot of snow and wind from the storms that hit much of the east coast. In Franklin Lakes, New Jersey a live wire was down with cones around it to warn drivers of the danger. On Thursday, March 8, around 9 am a man drove his car over the wire which sparked setting the car aflame. Sadly, the man died as a result of the accident.

Fatal Crash In Tioga-Nicetown Section Of Philadelphia

On Sunday, March 4, around 12:30 pm a driver in an SUV drove off the street on the 4200 block of Wissahickon Ave and into a concrete planter that was on the sidewalk. The SUV came to a stop on a SEPTA property after crashing through a fence. The driver was ejected out of the vehicle and died in the accident. It is unclear why they lost control of the vehicle.

Traffic Accident On I-95 In Northeast Philadelphia

On Friday, March 9, there was an accident on the I-95 North ramp to Woodhaven Road at 5 am. There were two vehicles involved that had sustained a lot of damage and emergency vehicles were blocking the ramp. Clearing the ramp took about an hour and some reports indicate that the accident occurred when a driver went the wrong way up a ramp. There was no immediate report of any injuries.