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Ardsley is an unincorporated community that is located within Abington Township. Abington Township is located in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. Just north of the town is Roslyn, and Edge Hill is located to its south. The main roadways in the area include Susquehanna Road, Edge Hill Road, Jenkintown Road, and Limekiln Pike.


The town is part of the oldest community in Montgomery County; Abington was incorporated in 1704. In 1777, the Battle of Edge Hill took place in the area. The British army attacked the American soldiers in the neighboring Edge Hill. However, near Limekiln Pike was a pathway taken by the British infantry and the 2nd Connecticut Regiment, which was led by Joseph Reed. Reed served in the Continental Congress and signed the Articles of Confederation. He lived his life in Pennsylvania and even served as the President of the state’s Supreme Executive Council.


In 1978, the Ardsley Community Center, located on Spear Avenue, opened. The community center offers many amenities, including:

  • classrooms for use
  • rental spaces
  • a gymnasium
  • a year-long daycare

The Ardsley Station is located near the intersection of Jenkinstown Road and Edge Hill Road. The station services the Warminster line Regional Rail.

The area is home to several parks, including the following:

  • Ardsley Park – including the Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sandy Run Park
  • Conway Feild

The area is also home to the Ardsley Cemetery and the Hillside Cemetery. Many of the soldiers from the Revolutionary War were buried in these cemeteries. After purchasing the Ardsley Cemetery, the Hillside Cemetery takes up over 425 acres and is considered one of the largest in the United States.


The population of the township, including all fifteen communities, was 55,310 in 2010. This was a decrease of 1.4% from 2000. The racial makeup of the area was the following:

  • 79.7% white
  • 12.4% African American
  • 3.2% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4.9% Asian
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 0.0%Pacific Islander
  • 2.1% two or more races

English is widely spoken by 93.2% of the households, and 9.6% speak Polish. Out of the population in the community, the following was a breakdown of the ancestries most identified with:

  • 36.0% Irish
  • 21.2% Italian
  • 16.6% German
  • 9.3% Polish
  • 8.6% English

As of 2010, the median income for the area was $77,363, and for a family, the average was $94,473. The occupational breakdown of the working townspeople was the following:

  • 45.4% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 20.3% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 18.7% sales and service jobs
  • 15.7% clerical, assistant, and tech support positions

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