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Roslyn is an unincorporated community found in Abington Township situated in the southeastern section of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. Fitzwatertown Road, Susquehanna Road, Tyson Avenue, and Phillips Avenue help form the town’s borders. It consists of just one zip code, 19001. The neighboring towns are Willow Grove, Willow Manor, Abington, Ardsley, and Dresher.


William Penn sold 500 acres of land to Isreal Hobbs. During the same year, he sold 9,815 to Nicholas Moore, which became the Moreland Township along with parts of other townships. Moore sold Abington Township to Thomas Holme in 1690. Holme can be credited for the construction of Susquehanna Road that was supposed to travel to the Susquehanna River but, due to development, was cut short to Catawissa. The first European to settle in the area was John Tyson in 1717. Tyson established lime kilns that enabled him to turn the local limestone, which was plentiful in the area, into quicklime.

Initially, the area was known as Hillside due to Edge Hill. The Roslyn Station was also formerly the Hillside Station. However, in 1883 a commercial rose grower founded many greenhouses within the community. By 1898, more rose growers made the area their home. The townspeople are also known for having their own rose gardens in their yards.


The real estate prices in the neighborhood are more expensive than 78.9% of other communities in the state and average $289,004. This is also 60.8% higher than most communities in the country. Rent averages approximately $1,455 per month. This is higher than 75.3% of other neighborhoods in Pennsylvania. This urban neighborhood has a 3.0% vacancy rate.

There are many schools offered in the area for the resident children. They offer many options and resources for those that may have learning disabilities. Some of these include:

  • Center School – located on Hamilton Avenue
  • The Nexus School – located on Woodland Road
  • Roslyn Elementary School – located on Susquehanna Road


The population of the entire township was 55,310, according to the 2010 census. The makeup of ethnicities in the area was the following:

  • 79.7% white
  • 12.4% African American
  • 3.2% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4.9% Asian
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 0.0%Pacific Islander
  • 2.1% two or more races

Out of the neighborhood’s population, 91.9% speak English as their primary language. The following is a breakdown of the ancestries within the residents:

  • 24.2% Irish
  • 18.6% German
  • 13.9% Italian
  • 5.8% Polish
  • 5.2% English

The average household income was $77,363 in 2010. The occupational makeup of the employed residents was the following:

  • 49.4% executive, management, and professional positions
  • 26.7% sales and service occupations
  • 13.1% manufacturing and laborer jobs
  • 10.9% clerical, assistant, and technical support roles

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