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Edge Hill

The unincorporated community is located on the northwest edge of Glenside, within the township of Cheltenham in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This Philadelphia suburb is situated between Mount Carmel Avenue and Pennslyvania Route 73, also known as Church Road. Pennsylvania Route 152 runs north and south through the neighborhood. North Hill is to the town’s north, and Gaederwood is to its east. Laverock is to the southwest on the other side of Church Road.


In 1683, William Penn granted Humphrey Morrey, a Quaker, 200 acres. Humphrey’s son, Richard, had an affair with one of his father’s slaves during the 1730s while married. The African American slave’s name was Cremona, and after Richard’s wife left him to return to Britain, they married and had five children. Morrey eventually inherited his father’s land and gave it to his new wife. Their daughter, also named Cremona, married a farmer in 1766, and their estate, the Monier Estate, was located in the neighborhood.

The town was named after the Battle of Edge Hill that took place between the British and American forces during the American Revolutionary War. The battle, which was a series of unorganized confrontations, was the final battle in 1777. Many soldiers have been buried in the cemeteries located in the neighboring town of Ardsley.


The average home price in the neighborhood is $359,280, making it more expensive than 87.6% of other communities in the state. Rent averages approximately $1,582 per month, which is higher than 82.4% of the state’s other communities. This suburban community consists primarily of larger single-family homes and townhouses, and there is a larger number of townspeople that own than rent.

The Knight of Columbus is located on Limekiln Pike, or Pennslyvania Route 152.


The population of the area of Glenside, in which Edge Hill is located, was 8,384 in 2010. This was a 5.9% increase from the 2000 count of 7,914, which consisted of 3,103 households and 2,013 families. The racial makeup of the CDP was the following:

  • 85.4% white
  • 7.2% African American
  • 2.9% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.8% Asian
  • 0.2% Native American
  • 0.0%Pacific Islander
  • 1.0% other races
  • 1.7% two or more races

The neighborhood’s population includes 14.5% that were born in countries other than the United States. English is the primary language of 85.9%, and Persian is spoken by 1.3% in addition to Spanish, French, and Polish. The ancestral breakdown of the community is the following:

  • 23.9% Irish
  • 16.4% German
  • 11.0% Italian
  • 8.2% English
  • 5.5% Asian
  • 3.6% Eastern European
  • 2.9% Canadian

The annual household income averaged $58,868 in 2000. More than 66.8% of employed residents work as executives, managers, or other professional roles. As many as 34.4% of the residents have a graduate degree, and this is a higher rate than 95.6% of other neighborhoods in the United States.

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